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At my doctor's appointment today, I found out that the baby is breech.

Last month at my visit, the doctor told me she felt the baby's head in the down position - 
After believing for the past month that the baby had turned head-down, I guess the doctor was mistaken then - 
she got out the ultrasound today, and there was the baby with her head pointed toward my head... or maybe my left shoulder?  Anyway, that's not the desired position at 35.5 weeks.

They recommend that if the baby doesn't turn on her own:
* they could use "external version" to try to turn her
* they should schedule me for a c-section - because this is a first baby, they don't want to try a vaginal birth with breech

I've been getting along so well that this news throws me a bit - I was sure I was on track for a normal birth.

The good news is that all the other indicators of the baby's health remain - strong heartbeat, sufficient movement, etc.

Anyone have any experience with external version?  C-section? 
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