sonia (sxoxnxixa) wrote in 1ontheway,

CSECTION HELP!!//engorged breasts :(

i just had my first child this past friday. her head wouldn't engage so i had a csection. it was horrible. the spinal block was ineffective on me sop i needed general anesthesia and during the procedure i lost a lot of blood and became severely anemic.

i was wondering for those of you who had c-sections, how long does it take to recover? to be able to lift things again? to walk and stand again with ease?

Also because of the extreme exhaustion and dizziness and headaches i'm having i decided not to breastfeed, so the nurses at the hospital Binded my breasts with an ace bandage and told me to put ice packs and cabbage leaves on them and hopefully within a week or so the milk would dry up. has anyone else done this before? does anyone have any other suggestions for the engorgement? or any advice?

Thank you so much.!!

oh, here is my daughter. miss Lila. 8 lbs 15oz :)

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