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hi there,

i'm new too... i'm 21 and pregnant for the first time. i'm 17 weeks and 2 days today. i'm doing it by myself right now, the father and i aren't currently together but are contemplating getting back together. its complicated as my family is still not being the support i need, as much as they'd like to. their lack of understanding for me to do this the way i feel comfortable is hard. so, i'm living in a shelter for pregnant women, and its treating me... ok. i need food stamps and am having a hard time staying on diet. without a car its hard to get to my appts unless a friend is able to drive.
i would live with my mom but she hates the father, and hates my friends. she said clearly she would not allow them to her home. i don't drive, she's in the country, so how could that work? either have her as my only support (we fight a lot too), or struggle on my own and have my community of friends and the father as support?

i still don't work either, and TANF won't cover me till i'm 6 months pregnant. i can stay at the shelter as long as i need to, but its very strict and i can't have people over or go out at night.

i've just started to really be happy about my pregnancy, but i still feel uncomfortable about it around my family. i think it still scares them. so, i dress to cover myself up when i see them, and show off my belly when i'm with my friends. i would love my family to really be happy for me, but i understand how hard that can be.... whether or not its fair.

sooo.... besides these issues, i'm here mostly to get support of just people to talk to and get answers to questions.

(for instance, for the last month and a half my baby has been moving ridiculously a lot. when i'm lying down my belly reshapes into a cone or a melon like thing on the side. my whole uterus seems to pop out of place and raise up so much that it shows on obvious deformation to my stomach shape. why does that happen, and is it normal?)
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