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Questions about feeding my baby food for the first time:

When I took Abby to the doctor this last time she said that she was really underweight. My doctor was really for me breast feeding but felt I needed to suppliment with formula. When I started supplimenting, my breast milk DIED. Now she's completely formula fed and still losing weight!

My question is this, I tried feeding her rice and she HATES it. I called the doc and she said intro 1st foods fruits to her diet. She LOVES the fruits and is eating really good now. But how many times a day should she have fruit? Once? Twice? I'm confused. Do I continue formula even though she spits it almost all back up?

My mom said she had the same problem with me, at 6 months I only weighed 10 pounds!!!! The doctor told her to put me on 2% milk and then I finally gained some weight.

Should I try this?
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