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Home birth

The labour story

Me and my partner had split up before baby was due and time was getting on, we hadnt yet been out shopping for the vital things such as a pram, moses basket, milk etc so 3 weeks before due date he came to stay over as we were gonna go shopping the next day, blah blah blah... one thing leads to another and i start to bleed, having previously had an instance like this i decided not to call the hospital through the sheer embarassment i endured last time. Plus i had an appointment with the midwife first thing in the morning.

Couldnt sleep as had mild cramps so decided to go downstairs to watch tv so i wouldnt wake up my partner. I hadnt had any braxton hicks yet so i started to assume when the contractions started, thats what they were. they were getting stronger and more painful but nothing major so i started to wind my hips in a circular motion to ease the pain which really did help, after about an hour i felt a huge urge to pee, ran upstairs, peed a tiny tiny bit then went back down, then for about a solid half an hour i was up and down stairs, still hadnt occured i may have been in labour. The last time i sat on the toilet i couldnt move the pain was quite intense, i shouted my partner, he told me to shut up and come back to bed. I got a huge urge to push and it dawned on me... Im giving birth on the bathroom floor.

I shouted again and screamed the babys coming, he loses his head runs around shouting "oh god dont do this to me", meanwhile im on all fours on the bathroom floor all pride gone shouting dial 999. It was an eventful morning to say the least... 3 pushes and she was out.

Tolga was in more of a panick than me, the ambulance arrived 10 mins later and cut the cord.. and there she was..

Nia-Elise Owen, 26th Feb 07, 6lb 12 oz

It was the most odd experience of my life, i didnt enjoy my last weeks of pegnancy worrying so much about the labour, i really didnt think i could cope and there it was, only about half an hour of intense contractions and i was my own midwife. I didnt have to go to hospital or anything, the was 3 weeks early but perfect and healthy.

Havnt had time to put the photos on a diffrent server so for photos go to

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